12 Bakes of Christmas



CHRISTMAS!! My favourite time of the year with out a doubt. I love the whole festive mood, the decorations, getting warm after being outside, people’s mood’s are lifted and of course the food and drink. ‘Tis the season to indulge in all types of delicious treats and this year will be no different.

For this series of posts titled ‘The 12 Bakes of Christmas’ I will be posting up a new recipe every other day in the lead up to the big day. Every recipe will have a Christmas spin on it to keep the festive spirit alive. I hope the recipes will inspire you to get baking this holiday season. The recipes I have planned to include in this series will cover all areas of baking and range from different levels of difficulty. So no matter your skill level even if you are a kitchen novice, experienced or semi-confident in the kitchen there will a recipe in here for you!

Merry Christmas-let the baking commence!



One thought on “12 Bakes of Christmas

  1. Great ideas Steve – looking forward to the next 9 days 🙂
    Christmas is definitely my most favourite baking season of the year 🙂

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