I’ve had a terrible time trying to keep this a secret for the last few months but I can now (finally) tell you all that I am, in fact, a contestant on the first ever series of The Great Irish Bake Off! What a relief!

You may be familiar with the show and it’s original format ‘The Great British Bake Off’ which I am a big fan of. I should attribute my kick start into weekly baking to this show as it was a huge inspiration. That’s not to say I already had a little skill and passion up my sleeve ;). The British Bake Off is hugely successful, now in it’s fourth series, it is averaging 6 million viewers an episode…I can’t say whether we will manage that on our show but here’s hoping! The successful format has been sold to 14 countries around the world with very positive response. If you haven’t already checked it out I suggest you watch the Great Australian Bake Off on Youtube.

Over the 8 week series 12 of us (6 guys 6 girls) were put under the test by judges food writer, forager and former TV actress Biddy White Lennon and executive pastry chef at Dublin’s 5* Merrion Hotel, Paul Kelly in a bid to find Ireland’s best amateur baker. Anna Nolan, who you may remember from the first ever series of Big Brother, kept the tent lively and helped lift spirits in her role as the presenter.

From left to right: Maryanne, Tom, Laura, Will, Aoife, Steve, Biddy, Anna, Paul, Oonagh, Stephen (me), Barbara, Daire, Bridget and Jarek.

As for what we had to do each week, well you’ll just have to wait and see! Episode 1 starts this Thursday 19th September on TV3 (and then youtube a few days later).

Other contestants blogs:

Will The Cooks Belly
Aoife Bakin’ and Cabbage

Hope you enjoy what’s to come from the next few weeks posts!



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