“Standing well over six feet tall with good looks and a likeable personality, Stephen Chisholm is equally at home on the rugby pitch playing second row, in the gym or on the slopes teaching people how to ski but he has a less obvious talent – in the kitchen!”

Not my words directly but I think it sums me up rather well!


My name’s Stephen, 22 years young, from Belfast and am the winner of this year’s inaugural Great Irish Bake Off.  The format is based directly on the successful Great British Bake Off and brought some of Ireland’s top baking talent to the fore.  During the eight week series the contestants were faced with a variety of challenges in all areas of baking, pushing many to their limit.  I believe that my calm and relaxed approach throughout the show as well as proving to be the most consistent baker is what saw me take home the title. Check out my final showstopper below-Dunluce Castle in Gingerbread form:

Now that the show has ended I’ve tried to be very proactive in working to make baking a bigger part of my future career. I’m currently in my final year of studying a business degree at the University of Ulster after completing the first two at Northumbria University. Apparently I have an excellent stage presence and have been approached by many different events’ companies to perform live baking demos. I love this sort of work but am very keen to produce and develop my own recipes for publication and television. This is why I started my blog-so that I could have an outlet for all my ideas and experiments and to share them with those who have a love for baking and cooking.

Outside baking I have two other passions.  I’m an avid rugby fan and play for his local club where the other team members still enjoy giving me a ‘bit of stick’ for baking (but they never turn down anything I brings for them to taste)!  As well as this I’m  also a fully qualified ski instructor and have taught all over the world, including on the slopes of Canada, Austria and Italy. Keeping fit is perhaps what keeps off the weight from all this baking!


Speaking of weight I used to be rather obese in my younger years. Puppy fat some have called it-greed is what I have labeled it. I did eat everything and everything anytime of the day even if I wasn’t hungry. I just loved food and still do to this day, I now realise however that a balance needs to exist. Just check out the photo below for how I used to look!



Can’t remember if I baked this particular one but I certainly ate the whole thing!

I’ve cooked and baked all my life on an simpler scale but I really took an interest in baking when I was a teenager, along with my four siblings, who learnt the basics from our mother, Valerie.  Sadly we lost our father, Malcolm, to cancer last year and the only thing I regret is that he never got to see him compete in the Great Irish Bake Off. But I know he is certainly looking down on me in heaven and is a proud of me.

So that’s a little about me! I hope you enjoy my blog posts and get inspired to get into the kitchen and get busy!

You can follow me on:

Twitter @steviechis
Website: http://www.stephenbakes.com

Thanks for visiting!



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Stephen!
    My names Gráinne and from Louth!
    I just wanted to say hello and that I’m a huge fan! I tried your gingerbread recipe and it’s amazing so thanks for that!!
    I follow you on Instagram (well I hope it’s you) and everything looks so good 🙂
    You’re an inspiration and keep it going 😀

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